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Ex-Bestinvest & Brooks Duo Launch Investment Business

Former Bestinvest Chief Investment Officer Graham Frost (pictured) has joined forces with ex-Brooks Macdonald Director Michael Usher to launch a wealth management business for accountancy firm, PK Group. PK Wealth has received regulatory authorisation to offer investment management services and is poised to launch in April.

At PK Wealth we will work with you to provide solutions that match your needs. Our portfolio services are available across active, passive and ESG strategies. We also manage portfolios for clients looking to mitigate their exposure to inheritance tax, as well as offering bespoke direct equity and direct bond portfolios and services specifically designed for charities.

Our investment philosophy focuses on five distinct areas:

Achieving The Investment Objective

Our long-term investment objective is the achievement of portfolio returns commensurate with a targeted level of risk.

Asset Allocation is Key

We determine portfolio allocation to equities, bonds, other assets and cash. Our asset allocation strategy is reviewed formally on a quarterly basis and adjustments may be made where appropriate to enhance investment returns.

Portfolio Construction Matters

We focus on investment styles incorporating value and growth, as well as market capitalisation. We use a blend of active and passive investments across a range of complementary asset classes and geographies. Our aim is to adequately diversify a portfolio and incorporate a range of different themes.

Independent Research

We have no ties to providers to whom we might be biased to support. We receive no incentives from suppliers and are free to select investments based purely on merit. We conduct a range of face to face meetings with fund managers to gain a broad understanding of their processes and current positioning.

Competitive Charges

We have access to some of the most attractive terms in the market on a broad range of investments. We maintain a focus on overall portfolio charges to ensure that we are transparent and competitive.

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