FE Weekly Market Commentary – 16th February 2018

Bond Yields Rise With Inflation Expectations This week saw a small but significant rise in bond yields, continuing a trend which started in January and which is most likely due to increasing inflationary pressures and expectations of rates rising faster than previously thought. In the short-term equities have faltered too as investors reassess valuations of… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 9th February 2018

The Week Of The Global Market Sell-Off Wow. That escalated quickly. This week a major bout of volatility rocked markets with a worldwide sell-off prompting fears that the long bull run since the financial crisis might finally be over. However, it doesn’t look that way this time. Unlike sell-offs that have come before economic downturns,… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 2nd February 2018

Auntie May’s Postcard From The Yangtze China has commended “Auntie May” for sidestepping human rights during her three-day official visit. We are hoping that she can live up to her nickname and secure a lucrative trade deal for Werther’s Original Hard Caramels because the future of this country’s other mainstay, financial services, is looking rockier… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 26th January 2018

Trump Sweetens Special Relationship This week our two favourite topics, Trump and Brexit, came together amid the snow and global oligarchy of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Apparently while embarking on an all-out trade war to Make America Great Again, the president will find the time to do the UK a favour on post-Brexit… Read more

FE – Weekly Market Commentary – 12th January 2018

“Fake News” Spreads To The Bond Markets And Brexit Negotiations This week, like a many previous weeks, came with a lot of political noise, but markets continue to rise regardless. One of the more amusing bits of political theatre the markets ignored was the irritation of the Brexit secretary, seemingly over the EU warning British… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 8th December 2017

May Returns From Europe With White Piece Of Paper  Theresa May has brought us back a traditional European fudge for Christmas this year. Wishful thinking and our natural tendency to see what we want to see means that just about everyone is happy with the ambiguously-worded agreement on the Irish border. The suspicion is the… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 24th November 2017

A Thin, Gloomy UK Budget Phillip Hammond seems to have got pretty good press from his latest budget, which is remarkable given how little substance it contained. Perhaps the bar is now so low that as long as the plans don’t blow up by mid-afternoon or cause an immediate recession then the country will be… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 17th November 2017

Norway Starts To Sell Out Of Oil Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has announced it will sell out of oil and gas investments, subject to approval by the government and parliament. They justify this on diversification grounds, pointing out quite rightly that the country is already highly exposed to oil as a producer. However, that was… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 27th October 2017

Unforced Errors Slow Progress This week has been relatively quiet – and by relatively we mean that there hasn’t been a threat of nuclear war, terrorist attack or national tragedy, such is the world that we live in. The closest we came this week was a national embarrassment, as David Davis went off script and… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 20th October 2017

UK Inflation Raises Questions This week the predictable rowing back from predictions of a rate rise, made with such certainty only a few weeks ago, has begun. The Governor is in the awkward situation of having rising inflation – hitting a high of three per cent – and a precariously poised economy. Weaker than expected… Read more

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