FE Weekly Market Commentary – 13th October 2017

Another Round Of Talks Takes Us Nowhere This week we have been treated to a further display of exactly what calibre of people we are currently governed by. As has become tradition, after the conclusion of the latest round of talks between the UK and EU negotiators, David Davis has made claims of huge progress… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 29th September 2017

Corbyn Gaining Momentum As Kim And Trump Escalate Tensions This week we had the Labour party conference, which should have generated a few light-hearted stories to lead with, but Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in Brighton was a mixed a bag. While a proposal to introduce rent controls was widely criticised, other measures such as a land… Read more

Richmond Professionals at Richmond Theatre

Date: 21 September Location: Richmond Theatre Website: http://www.atgtickets.com/venues/richmond-theatre/ On Thursday 21 September Richmond Theatre kindly hosted their first Richmond Professionals event. PK Group hosts the Richmond Professionals event quarterly, and takes the opportunity to catch up with clients and local business contacts over an informal drink. Richmond Theatre’s Dress Circle Bar provided a picturesque setting for the… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 22 September 2017

Trump And Kim Play Chicken As Merkel Marches On This week we’ve been preparing ourselves for another election, this time in Germany. At the moment Chancellor Merkel looks a strong favourite for re-election, so we should escape any major political shock. Still, Germany’s governmental system relies on parties forming coalitions, and the makeup of the… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 15th September 2017

North Korea Responds To Sanctions With Missile This week has seen a rather aggressive end, with another North Korean missile flying directly over Japan in the early hour of Friday morning. The test flight is undoubtedly a defiant response to the additional sanctions imposed on the dysfunctional state this week by the UN in response… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 8th September 2017

Strongest Atlantic Storm On Record Heads For Florida This week the natural disasters keep on coming, with another potentially more damaging storm about to hit the south-east coast of America, and at the time of writing there is breaking news of a huge earthquake in Mexico that might have caused many fatalities. The economic impact… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 1st September 2017

Houston Devastation Sets In This week the full effects of hurricane Harvey started to become apparent, with flooding on the scale of that experienced during hurricane Katrina by New Orleans in 2005, but in a city ten times the size. It is still too early to fully understand the human cost, even before we begin… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 25th August 2017

Bankers Gather At Jackson Hole The US President continues to rile up the public with threats of shutting down the government if he doesn’t get his own way, and accusing the media of dividing the country in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville last week. Investors appear to have grown used to Trump’s overactive… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 18th August 2017

Another Vehicle Attack Leaves Barcelona Devastated News of another terrorist atrocity broke Friday morning, which as in too many weeks before, makes much of the rest of the week’s activity irrelevant. Although this has been a particularly awful week, Thursday’s attack in Spain, of which the full details are still unknown as we’re writing this,… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 11th August 2017

 Brinksmanship Is The Order Of The Day This week there has been the slight distraction of a possible nuclear war, although the markets haven’t reacted as strongly as the press. As one analyst was quoted “it’s hard to price in annihilation”. It’s probably likely that cooler heads will prevail. The one comfort from the Trump… Read more

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