FE: Weekly Market Commentary – 23rd June 2017

High-Flying Tech Stocks Priced For Perfection This week Travis Kalanick, chief executive of car-hailing and -sharing app Uber resigned following a string of controversies connected to the company’s practises and his personal conduct. Uber has raised $12bn in funding and is valued at $69bn despite having made substantial losses throughout its existence. It is one… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 16th June 2017

RETAIL SALES ON THE ROPES A few months ago, we noted that there were signs the British economy was starting to weaken, and this week brought the most worrying data yet: retail spending, the engine of recent growth, is looking decidedly ropey. The Office for National Statistics say that higher prices thanks to sterling’s devaluation… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 9th June 2017

MAY’S ELECTION GAMBLE BACKFIRES This week, or rather the last hour and a half as this is being written, has come to be dominated by the shock election result. UK polls are notoriously poor with an average miss of somewhere in the region of four percent therefore, a hung parliament, a large Tory majority or… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 02 June 2017

UK Housing Prices Suffer Further Declines UK house prices fell for the third month in a row in May, according to Nationwide, the first time this has happened since the financial crisis. While Nationwide do not break down their index by region, other recent surveys have found that London in particular has seen falling prices,… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 26 May 2017

Labor Cut Tory Lead To Five Points – Or Do They? It seems like yesterday that we swore off opinion polls for life, but like addicts we are all back for more. YouGov saw the Tory lead down to five points after the Tories’ manifesto was poorly received and the appalling Manchester bombing. Other polls… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 19 May 2017

Brazil Recovery Story In Jeopardy Brazilian President Michael Temer is being threatened with impeachment after recordings surfaced allegedly showing his involvement in corrupt payments to an already jailed former speaker of the parliament. The MSCI Brazil was up 15% for the year on Tuesday, it is now down 4.5%. The reason for this aggressive reaction of… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 12th May 2017

There’s Only One Philip For May This week the UK general election picked up steam, with leaked manifesto’s, a hit and run, and a detailed discussion of who puts the bins out being obvious highlights. While the theatre of it is entertaining, the result is already a foregone conclusion even if the margin of Tory… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 28th April 2017

Trump Proposes To Loosen Business Tax Rate And Draghi Keeps Rates Flat This week we got another chance to see what a Trump Presidency might actually mean, with the much-anticipated release of his tax plan. What we got was a single page of tax wishes, which as far as we could tell consisted of a… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 21st April 2017

UK Economic Picture Darkens Friday morning saw another piece of poor economic data for the UK: retail sales slowed 1.4% quarter on quarter. We have also seen two consecutive months of decline in the index of production, whilst inflation is over the BoE’s target, with the potential for further rises to come. Exports have fallen… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 7th April 2017

US Launches Missiles And The FED Assesses Balance Sheet This week geopolitics comes to the fore, with a potentially momentous meeting between Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping being overlaid with the US missile attack on Syria; a response to Assad’s outrageous chemical attack earlier in the week. It’s difficult to know what the… Read more

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