FE Weekly Market Commentary – 24th March 2017

London Moves Forward Together This week attention has been drawn away from financial matters by another terrorist attack on a European city. We went through a period of writing a lot of intro’s like this one, and the last few months had been blissfully peaceful. Hopefully that will be true of the next few and… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 17th March 2017

Populism’s Spread Cut Short Political events continue to drive markets this week as the Dutch election and the UK government steal headlines. The aptly named Dutch Trump, Geert Wilders, did not win a majority in the Netherlands election as the current Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, took the lead. The UK government backtracked on Philip Hammonds… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 10th March 2017

First And Final Spring Budget For Hammond This week we finally have something new to talk about – the first budget from Philip Hammond as Chancellor. While a potential broken promise and some duff jokes have been the focus for the press, we thought the most interesting point was the abolition of the spring budget… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 3rd March 2017

FED Pushes Forward In US This week the market finally decided to listen the Federal reserve’s rate hike plans. Although it is unlikely political events will stop pushing the market, the Feds predictions should have more of an effect on rates and the dollar than the political noise. Elsewhere, UK Prime Minister Theresa May hit… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 24th February 2017

Backtrack On Trump Trade This week the driving factor behind most of the returns for the year so far has been thrown into doubt. The “reflation trade”, which is industry speak for betting big on Donald Trump spending on infrastructure and cutting taxes, has been called into question – with some analysts doubting the ability… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 17th February 2017

Wally Of The East And Questionable Governance This week, aside from the ongoing train wreck of the Trump administration, we got a timely reminder that there is more than the one lunatic we ought to be worrying about. North Korea has obviously been feeling outdone in the crazy stakes during the past few weeks. The… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 20th January 2017

President Xi Jinping Steals The Show This week the World Economic Forum in Davos provided some refreshingly original news. While Trump and Brexit were still firmly on the agenda, one of the key events was the address by Chinese president Xi Jinping – the first by a Chinese leader at the summit. While a speech… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 13th January 2017

TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! The headlines have been completely dominated by the president elect, with only a late flurry of snow providing any sort of distraction for the British media. In truly unprecedented fashion the entire world was shaken by a single press conference. Currency markets convulsed, entire sectors crashed and the global geo-political order was… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 6th January 2017

Market Strength Continues This week has mostly been dominated by predictions for the year ahead – which given the uncertain state of the world following a tumultuous 2016, seems like a particular folly. We have, however, had a glimpse of the way the year might pan out, with president elect Trump showing no signs of… Read more

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