FE Weekly Market Commentary – 11th August 2017

 Brinksmanship Is The Order Of The Day This week there has been the slight distraction of a possible nuclear war, although the markets haven’t reacted as strongly as the press. As one analyst was quoted “it’s hard to price in annihilation”. It’s probably likely that cooler heads will prevail. The one comfort from the Trump… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 4th August 2017

Carney Continues To Wait And See This week the most interesting news was nothing. Specifically, the nothing done by the Monetary Policy Committee, which opted to leave interest rates at its current level. While this was broadly predictable, inflation has already started to tick down while a handful of economic indicators also appear to be… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 28 July 2017

Markets Settle Down For Summer This week there has been a bit quiet by recent standards, as most of the western world slows down for the summer holidays. With the Prime Minister walking through the Alps, we’ve had to settle for second rate drama from some of the governments bit part players. This week’s episode… Read more

PK Group vs Bell Integration Cricket Match – 25th July 2017

On 25 July 2017 PK Group took on Bell Integration in a friendly cricket match at the NPL sports ground. Bell Integration batted first and posted an impressive score of 155 in the allotted 15 overs. The PK Group team fielded in an organised manner supported by great wicket keeping from John Waller. Special mention… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 21st July 2017

Brexit Takes A Backseat To Inflation This week a bit of Brexit bluster, and the wonderfully prophetic statement from the irony impaired Theresa May that “there is no such thing as an unsackable minister”, largely obscured the more interesting headlines of the week. The standout was the lower than expected inflation figures, while there is… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 14th July 2017

Brexit Backlash This week we started to see the reality of Brexit as some of the mechanics of the transition become visible. A decision to quit Euratom, the European nuclear watchdog, shows just how deeply reliant the UK is on European institutions. This hidden infrastructure that the country has relied upon for 60 years is… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary 7th July 2017

Tension Surrounds G20 Summit This week all the focus has been on the G20 summit that is taking place in Germany. Most of the press coverage has been on what Trump might do; the president is firmly in the bad books of China and Germany, who look set to become the international community’s new foster… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 30th June 2017

Government Focus Falls Into Place This week the fallout from the general election has come to some sort of a conclusion with the passing of the Queen’s speech on Thursday. A consequence of the government’s new position is that much of the planned legislation has had to be abandoned and the focus will mostly be… Read more

FE: Weekly Market Commentary – 23rd June 2017

High-Flying Tech Stocks Priced For Perfection This week Travis Kalanick, chief executive of car-hailing and -sharing app Uber resigned following a string of controversies connected to the company’s practises and his personal conduct. Uber has raised $12bn in funding and is valued at $69bn despite having made substantial losses throughout its existence. It is one… Read more

FE Weekly Market Commentary – 16th June 2017

RETAIL SALES ON THE ROPES A few months ago, we noted that there were signs the British economy was starting to weaken, and this week brought the most worrying data yet: retail spending, the engine of recent growth, is looking decidedly ropey. The Office for National Statistics say that higher prices thanks to sterling’s devaluation… Read more

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